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When choosing a primary residence, the logistics of the property location is important in relation to the owner's place of work. However, a holiday home generating income will not need to be close to offices. The whole of Florida provides a wealth of income property locations to the holiday home owner or investor. 


When rental income is important however, the correct location of the property is crucial, and rental income will be maximized when the property is located within a 20 minute drive of Disney World. Outside this area, and even marginally outside, rental demand will fall off very quickly and very substantially.

Central Florida


If you are seeking a home to live in for you and your family, it is important to consider local amenities, schools, transportation links, social grading, historical fluctuation of prices, and many other aspects. Our team of experienced realtors will carefully advise you through the plethora of important factors to consider to assure you find the right home in the right location.

So where should you buy your dream home?

An overview of some of the top communities can be found by following the links below:





Resale properties and Foreclosures change on a daily basis. We have just sold a number of NEW build 3 bedroom town homes originally selling for $239,000 in a premium rental community for just $74,000! Our realtors are always in possession of the latest availability so contact us with your requirements and we'll find the right property for you. We will also guide you through the maze. Read our guide to foreclosures here.


Let us assist you with your questions without any obligation. Our enquiry form can be found here.

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