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A unique community in Orlando Florida carefully designed with health and wellness in mind


At Veranda Palms, you have access to everything that makes Orlando the most popular destination in the world...and so much more!


You can own a home in a gorgeous 160 acre resort community designed with your total health and wellness in mind. With everything from yoga and meditation classes to on-site recreational activities and nature trails to enjoy, this community is ideal for those who want the higher living experience. With plenty of room for grandparents, aunts and uncles, moms and dads, kids and friends, a Park Square Home at Veranda Palms offers a chance for everyone to enjoy what they love most about Orlando.

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Spiritual Well Being


The community was recently inaugurated by world-renowned yoga and spiritual teacher Swami Ramdevji. Several other spiritual and wellness leaders will follow with their endorsement of a healthy and enlightened lifestyle at Veranda Palms where you will enjoy:


- Yoga & meditation

- Aryvedic massage and treatment

- Rejuvenation programs

- Healthy cooking seminars & Communal Dining

- Vastu Shastra Custom Home


Swami Ramdevji with the Chairman & CEO of Park Square Home

Swami Ramdevji with Braham Aggarwal (Chairman of PSH) & Suresh Gupta (CEO of PSH)

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