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Investing in Florida for an EB-5 Green Card
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Unlike 'normal' investments, to qualify for a USA Green Card via the EB-5 program, a number of different criteria and conditions need to be met (see here). To achieve this there is a lot of careful planning and on-going management required. We have provisions to do all that for you.

Let us look at two of these conditions:

a) At least 10 jobs must be created or preserved, and

b) A residence is required in the USA.

It is easy to buy a business and pay salaries but how do we achieve this and still ensure a high yield for your investment? We will carefully put together a portfolio of one, or more, businesses that are set up to generate good returns and will average a minimum of 10 new jobs for your investment. That will be pooled together with an income generating fully let and managed condo or home which will also be another source of income. You may be the sole investor (as in example portfolio 1 shown on the left), or a shareholder in a bigger business (as in example portfolio 2 on the left).

Each project will be unique and will be explained at the time of application.

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Investment in new and existing private businesses carries high risks as well as the possibility of high rewards.


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