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Latest News Orlando Florida Business Welcome to Invescomm USA Green Card  

The EB5 Regional Center program has been extended to September 2018... read more

GREEN CARD APPROVALSThere are now several USCIS I526 Approvals and investors are enjoying their new USA status... read more

Investors and Business has flocked to the Orlando Florida area in recent years for many reasons. Find out why.... More details

Get a Green Card for you and your family!

Invest in the USA and enjoy permanent residency in America... read more



We specialize in Business Investments in Florida offering yields and qualifying for permanent residency in the USA for you and your family if you are a foreign investor....  read more

Foreclosed Florida Property
Invest in a Florida Business High Yield Florida Business Investment Homes for sale in Orlando

Twistee Treat BrochureNEW!
View the latest Twistee Treat Brochure expalining the EB-5 USA Green card visa program and investment

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In this difficult economic climate where do you find a reasonable return for your money? We have taken advantage of the economy and sourced business projects that do just that!... read more

How would you like to buy an Investment property, manage and rent your home? We specialize in unlisted Discount Homes often less than foreclosures. All your real estate needs under one roof!... read more

Find out more about the next big American phenomenon Our proudest business investment offering yet... read more

Twistee Treat is USCIS I-526 EB-5 Approved for permanent residency in the USA

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